Ditz, Sluts, and Ho’s: Celebrities Sewing Their Wild Oats In Public

Ditz, Sluts, and Ho’s: Celebrities Sewing Their Wild Oats In Public

You know the celebrity “ditz, sluts, and ho’s,” the so-called “new brat packs.” Here’s an article about them.

I’ve been reading some of the celebrity gossip websites. Of course, these names I use are not the names that you refer to men as when they "sew their wild oats."

Jessica, Paris, Britney, Lindsay, (called "The Bimbo Squad" by the New York Post) Christina & the crew. We’ve seen them on the news. They are the new generation. Called "The New Brat Packs."

Whoever the men are connected to these girls are probably sewing their wild oats also, but nevertheless, even in the postfeminist era, girls will be girls is still very unladylike. Plus, I don’t know any comparable names for men who sew their wild oats in public, as many of these men also do.

Maybe it’s my generation. I’m older than these girls will be girls.

They need some self-discipline.

I suppose when they "grow up" they might start behaving more responsibly as public figures.

Nevertheless, when they have the example of older public figures misbehaving in the way that the older generation public figures misbehave–and we also know these names–continuing the sew their own wild oats, and these folks haven’t "grown up" either, then they can’t truly set an example for the younguns.

But this is not any different than any of the earlier generations. Plus, when the older generation has behaved in the same way when they were younguns, they can’t really lecture the younguns on their behavior, can they? All the "Old Brat Packs" can’t lecture the younguns, can they?

For some, this is just a "long celebrity tradition" and no different from all the earlier generations, certainly from the beginning of modern-day media stardom, including the "venerated" pin-up look. Or, according to the younger generation gossip columnists, the "’ho look"–"lookin’ like the ‘ho’s they are." This is their language.

This is not an essay on "gender politics" and of course we also have pin-up photographs of male actors, including Tom Cruise.

Sexual identity is problematic for young men and young women, and much of the quest for manhood and quest for womanhood (ancient, modern, or postmodern) in involved in the sewing of wild oats. But I’m not an expert on this, nor the various masculine and feminine stereotypes that everybody including the young must confront.

Elders cannot prevent youth from sewing their wild oats, because it appears this is an aspect of being young–nevertheless, youngsters have to learn self-discipline and balance, how to balance their sewing of wild oats with disciplined and responsible behavior.

Also, if these young people get too out-of-control in a manner that is not in accordance with their well-being, then elders, concerned about their well-being might have to simply intervene, as when Martin Sheen had intervene on some of Charlie Sheen’s behavior. Nevertheless, the elders who do intervene have to be those elders whom young people trust and have credibility with them.

This intervention does not have to necessarily be public, even though these are public figures, but can be a private matter.

This is a problem especially dealing with young people are are maturing in public. Most public figures who’ve sewn their wild oats before becoming public figures often–but not always–have more discipline and self-discipline. Again, maturity doesn’t guarantee that public figures know how to behave.

Certainly Madonna is not the same ‘ho she used to be. She’s more mature and more responsible. The same with Angelina Jolie. And neither of them are ditz. And even the so-called ditz are probably not ditz.

But, for many of these public figures, we can observe how they behave in their youth and how they behave in their maturity, and we can learn from them. They can also certainly learn from each other.

Nevertheless, there is still such a thing as public decorum that stars are going to have to learn.

Also, the general public can reach the limit of what it is going to "tolerate" from these so-called stars and celebrity types.

Nevertheless, many of us understand that much of this behavior is also typical of many young people, and for generations.

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